Should You Pre-order Video Games?

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A new video game is coming out soon and you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of hype going on for it. You then come to a point where you ask yourself “should I really get this and pre-order?”. If that’s the situation that you find yourself in frequently, we’re here to help you in making that decision.

Should you pre-order video games?

Value for your money?

Steam pre-order video games

One of the things that you should look out for is trends, especially for games that have franchises such as FIFA, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and the likes. As is the case with these types of games, they tend to be on sale quite quickly. The best bet is to wait it out a for a bit until a promo comes in. These types of games also tend to have price cuts after a few months, so if you can wait for a bit, you’ll be saving some cash.

DLC brings a lot to the table?

Should You Pre-order Video Games? 5

Most of the time with pre-order benefits is that they will include DLCs (downloadable contents). In this point, you should ask yourself, is it something that you can’t gain by yourself by playing the game or is it even something useful? Personally, I find them to be useless in most games. There are contents that give you an unfair advantage, so it’s only fair for you to decide yourself.

History often repeats itself

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This point kind of relates to the first point. When you see a new game that’s coming from a franchise that’s quite well known and their history shows that there’s not much innovation or changes that you’ve seen from their previous games, it’s a sign, and a bad one at that. Take FIFA for instance; some might argue that it’s the same football game every year with nothing much new.

Savings in the long run

Should You Pre-order Video Games? 6

All the points beforehand are pointing towards why you should consider not pre-ordering but here’s where you might want to choose to get them early. If you know the game that you’re planning to pre-order is a game that you will be playing for a long time, it’s definitely an option to do so. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, the extra content that you get with pre-orders could be worth it in the long run as opposed to you buying them separately, thus saving you money.

Getting a head start

Should You Pre-order Video Games? 7

Aside from the DLCs, some games offer you to start ahead of other players that didn’t pre-order the game. This is quite subjective on whether it’s worth it or not to gain that access. In my experience, it does benefit me back when I was playing FIFA competitively in the Pro Club mode. Being able to play the game early allows me to level up my player faster compared to others. Not all games fits this situation as you can imagine, but it does give you something to build on, in terms of multiplayer gameplay.

Hopefully with these points, you get a good idea on whether you should pre-order games or not. Do you think that we’ve missed on any points? Let us know! For more on the latest tech and gaming news plus reviews, stay tuned to

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