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Next Three Steam Sale Dates Revealed

Next Three Steam Sale Dates Revealed

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 3, 2022
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If you’re looking to buy games at discounted prices, the dates for the next three Steam Sale events have been officially revealed. Here’s when you need to keep an eye out for them.

Steam Sale Dates for Autumn, Winter, and Spring

Steam Updates Discount Rules, no more discounts below 10%

Steam recently revealed some changes to their Steam Sale events, which includes the removal of the Lunar New Year Sale in 2023. The good news is that we got to know when the next discount seasons will be coming.

  • Steam Autumn Sale: 22nd November to 29th November 2022
  • Steam Winter Sale: 22nd December 2022 to 5th January 2023
  • Steam Spring Sale: 16th March to 23rd March 2023

As you can see from the dates listed above, the Lunar New Year sale isn’t completely removed but rather, it’s practically replaced with the Spring Sale instead. The change is said to be based on feedback they received since its inception in 2016.

Steam Winter Sale 2021 Now Live - Final Steam Sale For This Year

Valve mentioned that publishers can still use custom discount tools to offer new discounts during Lunar New Year but it will not come with a huge sale background during the event. The Steam Sale happening in Spring will still be as big as the other season discount events so no worries there.

For now, the next Steam Sale you should look out for is on 22nd November 2022, with a limited sale event likely happening in October for Halloween. The latter will likely be more focused on horror games so it shouldn’t affect the main sale event later on.


Pokdepinion: Well, we still get discounts on games so I got no complaints here. They can call it whatever they want as long as they’re not removing it completely.

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