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Plans On A Rainbow Six Siege Sequel? Here’s What Ubisoft Had To Say

Plans On A Rainbow Six Siege Sequel? Here’s What Ubisoft Had To Say

by Raja IdrisFebruary 20, 2018
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When Rainbow Siege Siege came out, it didn’t have the brightest of starts, with the game having its share of bugs and what not. Many have asks the question “will there be a sequel?”. Read on ahead to find out the answer.

Rainbow Six Siege Sequel?


Plans On A Rainbow Six Siege Sequel? Here's What Ubisoft Had To Say 21The tactical shooter game which was developed by Ubisoft, was released back in December of 2015. Despite a slow start, the game slowly progressed and got better in terms of player figures and general sentiment. With the game developed as it is, some have pondered, will there be a sequel coming out soon?

To answer that question, the game’s brand director Alexandre Remy has said in an interview that there is no sequel being planned, albeit not at the moment at least. Gamers can expect Ubisoft to continue to support Siege through the game-as-a-service-model.

In addition to that, they announce that they are planning to release 100 Operators for the game over the course of its lifetime. Currently, there are 36 available operators in the game with 8 more soon to come during the upcoming Year 3 schedule.

Plans On A Rainbow Six Siege Sequel? Here's What Ubisoft Had To Say 22Soon to come is Operation Chimera, where the update will see the release of two new operators namely Finka and Lion, taking the whole game meta to a new level. Chimera also will see the launch of a limited-time coop event Outbreak, where you can team up to 3 people and fight zombies. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the trailer that Ubisoft shared.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Trailer

Some have voiced their concerns when Ubisoft said that they will add loot boxes that you can pay real money for. Despite that, the company was quick to respond and said that these lootboxes will be just for cosmetics and not affect the gameplay.

Pokdepinion: Now already in its third year, Siege is growing strong. To be honest, I don’t really mind if they don’t make a new sequel to the game, as long as they keep the game fresh and keep on updating.

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  • February 28, 2018 at 10:01 pm

    I’ve mainly been playing CS: GO for the past few months. Would you think that it’s worthy for me to try out Rainbow Six Siege or would it be too much out of my preference?

    • Aiman Maulana
      February 28, 2018 at 10:20 pm

      Hi George,

      That really depends, my dude. While a lot of CSGO players do enjoy Rainbow Six Siege, not everyone will. If you have played games like Killing Floor 2, SWAT, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and found yourself enjoying those games, you will most likely love Rainbow Six Siege. The major factor on whether you’ll like the game or not, in my opinion, is the pace of the game which differs greatly from CSGO. Best thing to do is to somehow give the game a try, maybe a friend’s copy or a demo of some kind :)

      • March 7, 2018 at 6:29 pm

        I did play a bit of Killing Floor 1 and quickly got bored of it so meh. I think I’m gonna stick with CS for now as none of my friends have Rainbow Six Siege. Thanks for the help man.

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