Sony Looking To Shift PS4 Players To PS5 As Soon As Possible

Raja Idris
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Sony Looking To Shift PS4 Players To PS5 As Soon As Possible

We’ve previously reported on how well the PlayStation 4 has performed in the market, with it being the 2nd best selling console of all time, coming in only behind to the Playstation 2. With the Playstation 5 to come, Sony is looking to shift their PS4 players to the next-gen console quickly.

Taking into account of how the PS4 is a success, Sony Playstation’s CEO and president, Jim Ryan has revealed that they are aiming to bring gamers to the upcoming console as fast as possible.

These are gamers who are networked and sticky and engaged and passionate about Playstation to an extent that we’ve not seen in previous generations. As we move towards the next-generation in 2020, one of our tasks – probably our main task – is to take that community and transition it from Playstation 4 to Playstation 5, and at a scale and pace that we’ve never delivered on before.

Jim Ryan, CEO and president of Playstation

Despite the vision, it’s not known yet on how exactly they’ll do it. As for the Playstation 5, it will be a beast of a gaming machine. To learn more on it, do read on our previous coverage on the Playstation 5 here.

Pokdepinion: I’m actually contemplating on whether I should get the PS5 as soon as it comes out… I have done it for the previous Playstations… Hmm.

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