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AMD Vega chips to come with HBM2 this year?

AMD Vega chips to come with HBM2 this year?

by Vyncent ChanAugust 16, 2016
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When AMD fans realized that Polaris will not come with HBM2 after all, they started patiently waiting for AMD’s next architecture, AMD Vega. Polaris targeted the mid-range, despite having performance matching last-gen’s top cards, leaving AMD without a proper enthusiast-class GPU. While NVIDIA has already blown their load with the GP102-packing NVIDIA Titan X Pascal, which still isn’t equipped with HBM2 memory, it seems AMD may finally be prepping to bring out its big guns.

In this innocuous-looking image by Chris Hook, Senior Director, Global Marketing and Public Relations, Radeon Technology Group at AMD, he made a comment that this would be the Vega launch venue. While we seriously doubt they would do a launch at a rundown place like this, it does hint at the nearing launch of Vega cards, finally filling up AMD’s 2016 lineup with proper high-end cards.

SOURCE: Tech Critter


Pokdepinion: We can’t wait for AMD to finally have proper high end cards for their hardcore fans.

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