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BitFenix launching the BitFenix NOVA — Budget Evolved

BitFenix launching the BitFenix NOVA — Budget Evolved

by Vyncent ChanOctober 8, 2015
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BitFenix NOVA has made its first appearance in the last Computex event, and now it’s ready to hit the market with the tagline “Budget Evolved”. BitFenix NOVA delivers style, performance and silence whether you plan to build a basic office, home or gaming system.

NOVA (4)

Thank to the long air ventilation running along the sides the front case, it still provide plenty of airflow to cool the system and allows for the BitFenix NOVA’s top and front panel to have a simple clean and flat look while also preventing fan-noise from escaping the enclosure, and also helps keep dust where it should be — not inside.

NOVA (14)The BitFenix NOVA comes in two versions, a non-windowed and windowed side panel variants. With window side panel you can let others look at the guts of your beast, or just enjoy the view yourself. This would be a great feature to have if you frequent LAN parties.

NOVA (23)On the front panel we can see a big power button smack in the middle, a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port, along with a microphone and a headset jack as well a small reset button. It also only has a single 5.25 inch bay cutout and nicely done aluminum BitFenix logo on the front.

NOVA (10)A single dust filter is include at the bottom power supply bay to prevent dust from building up inside your power supply. The dust filter has good length and easy to take it off whenever you want to clean up the dust. the BitFenix NOVA also have four stand to lift the height, a good move which allow good air flow intake to the power supply. The BitFenix NOVA support four 3.5 inch drive slot two 2.5 inch SSD slot each horizontal and vertical and single 5.25.NOVA (15)Supporting up to seven expansion slots, the Bitfenix can also fit longer graphic cards of up to 320mm in length. Any motherboard from mini-ITX to ATX form factors are supported. With a large CPU cut-out it’s more convenient to mount a cooler backplate, and talking about coolers, the BitFenix NOVA supports coolers up to 160mm tall, and if you are planning to install AIO coolers please note that it only supports one 120mm fan on the rear, which is the only exhaust for this case. One 120mm fan is included in the package.

NOVA (20)

BitFenix NOVA dimensions measure in at 183mm width, 437mm height  and 465mm depth. It also weighs 3.6KG which makes it a quite lightweight casing. BitFenix NOVA will be available soon in the market, if you have any inquiries please go to BitFenix Malaysia Facebook page. We still have no idea how much it will cost but we will know  soon enough.



Pokdepinion : I would love to see the rear fan support up to 140mm to allow for wider AIO options. Cable management will not be a problem as from looking at it, it does seem to have a good motherboard layout but there’s no cut-out for CPU power pin which may be a problem for some people who may be fussy about the aesthetics, but it can be solved with some extension braided cables. We at would love to be given a chance to review this casing after the availability in the market.

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