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5 Fun Games to Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lockdown

5 Fun Games to Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lockdown

by Aiman MaulanaApril 2, 2020
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With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, many countries across the globe are stuck at home due to a lockdown. In Malaysia, we have the restricted movement order, but we still can’t exactly go out. If you’re not sure what to do at home then here are 5 fun games you can play with your friends during the pandemic.

Fun Games to Play: Tabletop Simulator

5 Fun Games to Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lockdown

Arguably the best game you get on Steam to play with friends, Tabletop Simulator is a sandbox game where you can play over thousands of board games and also create them. It’s like buying one game that allows you to play even more games on its own.

Some of the best board games that can be fun to play with friends include Secret Hitler, Spyfall, Red Flags, and Cards Against Humanity. You also have the classics like Snake & Ladder, Uno, Cluedo, Monopoly, and Scrabble. The video at the top there is of me playing Secret Hitler with some friends.

Practicing social distancing and staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t play board games with friends. Tabletop Simulator is the easiest solution to doing that during uncertain times like this. It is available on Steam for just RM38 / USD $19.99. You can get it for cheaper if you buy it in a pack of 4.

Fun Games to Play: Golf With Your Friends

5 Fun Games to Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lockdown

Another fun game that pretty much anyone can enjoy is Golf With Your Friends. It’s a mini-golf game across various maps, including a new Worms-themed map made in collaboration with Team17. You might be thinking how much fun can golf / mini-golf be, and the answer is surprisingly a lot.

You can toggle special options that will allow you to do things you normally wouldn’t be able to. This includes jumping balls, changing the golf ball shape, and adjusting the gravity. It can be really chaotic, but it will definitely be fun and sometimes, oddly competitive. The video at the top there is also of me playing the game with some friends.

Golf With Your Friends is available on Steam for just RM19.50 / USD $7.99

Fun Games to Play: Ultimate Chicken Horse

5 Fun Games to Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lockdown

If you want a game that can give you a fresh experience every single round, then Ultimate Chicken Horse is the one for you. At its core, it’s a platformer game where you can play with up to 4 players. What happens in the beginning of each round is what makes it special.

Every round, players will get to pick an item and place it almost anywhere on the map as an obstacle. With each passing round, there will be more items and more obstacles, making it even harder. The goal is to simply reach the flag and have the most points by the end of the game.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is available on Steam for just RM31 / USD $14.99

Fun Games to Play: Jackbox Party Pack

5 Fun Games to Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lockdown

Jackbox Party Pack games are the most unique entry here because it’s not a single game. You have the choice of multiple packs with each pack containing a set of party games that you can enjoy with friends. Only one person needs to run the game while the others join in the fut at Jackbox.tv.

You have trivia games like Trivia Murder Party, creative answer-type games like Quiplash, and traitor-type games like Who’s the Alien. Pick one pack with the games you want and have fun with your friends. Just keep in mind that while most games are okay to play with friends online, some are better to be played in person.

Jackbox Party Pack is available on Steam for just RM47 / USD $24.99. There are various party packs available, each with their own sets of games, but only one person needs to buy it in order to play with friends.

Fun Games to Play: Brawlhalla

5 Fun Games to Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lockdown

Brawlhalla can be easily explained as a 2D version of Super Smash Bros with its own set of characters. It’s a multiplayer fighting game with the goal of knocking your opponents off the stage. If you play it for free, there are a limited number of playable characters which changes from time to time.

If you actually buy the game, you get the complete roster and some bonuses with it. You even have guest characters like Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, WWE Superstar The Rock, and even Ubisoft’s own Rayman. The game itself is pretty small so downloading it will be pretty quick.

Brawlhalla is available on Steam for FREE.

If you’re looking for a shooter-type game that you can play with friends, check out why we feel the co-op section of Borderlands 3 is great by clicking right here. Alternatively, you can check out the full review by clicking here instead.

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