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Acer Swift Series: The Pathway from Education to Professional Life

Acer Swift Series: The Pathway from Education to Professional Life

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 25, 2021
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Acer Swift Series: The Pathway from Education to Professional Life

Unlike smartphones, we tend to use laptops for a far longer time, up to several years even. As such, many students who have graduated will move forward with their professional career with the same laptop that they used for studies, and it doesn’t transition well. If you ever need a laptop that can work will in both education and professional work, look no further than the Acer Swift series.

Performance / Workload

Acer Swift Series: The Pathway from Education to Professional Life 26

If you are the kind of person who values performance over anything else as you need your machine to handle all the workload that education and professional life can bring, look no further than the Acer Swift 3X. It’s powered by the Intel Core i7-1165G7 with Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics, both of which work in tandem to provide you all the power you need to do more resource-intensive tasks like video encoding, photo editing, rendering, and other creative-based tasks.

Alternatively, you can also go for the Acer Swift 5 which will use an NVIDIA GeForce MX350 instead. Either way you go, it will have necessary strength for you to get through anything tossed your way, and you can even do some light gaming while you’re at it. All of this while still retaining a form factor that’s easy and convenient to bring around. Speaking of which, that brings us to our next point.

Ultraportable Acer Swift Laptops

Acer Swift 3X Review -

Typically with laptops, it’s a toss up between portability and performance as you can’t have both. That’s not necessarily the case with the Acer Swift series of laptops. If you value portability over anything else, the Acer Swift 7 is their lightest laptop yet at just 890g and 9.95mm thin. It’s so light and takes up so little space in your bag, you could easily forget that it’s there with you.

With that being said, even the heaviest laptop in the series isn’t actually heavy as the Acer Swift 3X weighs a mere 1.4kg while packing all the aforementioned power from our previous point. We have come to a point where you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other anymore, but it’s also dependent on your preferences in a laptop.

Crystal Eye Webcam

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With there being an emphasis on going digital, online classes and conference calls have further grown in importance compared to a standard class and real-life meetings. However, not everyone is equipped with the necessary tools to make it truly work without any unnecessary stress. The Acer Swift series of laptops come with the Crystal Eye Webcam to help with that.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Crystal Eye Webcam is a powerful software that can let you make full use of your webcam. You can use it to take pictures, record videos, make presentations, and more. It even has a motion sensing feature that can help you take photos and even focus on moving objects properly. If you need something to take your video conferencing or e-learning experience to the next level, this will be just the tool you need.

All-Day Battery Life

Acer Swift 3X Review -

When you have a rather active lifestyle, battery life is especially important as you might not be able to afford the time to be glued to a wall outlet. The newer models of the Acer Swift series of laptops powered by the new 11th Core Intel Core CPU have very extensive battery life that can easily last you a whole day out. This is in part due to it being built on the Intel Evo platform.

The Intel Evo platform requires laptops to adhere to a certain standard based on a variety of factors that will fit in with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. One of those key factors is to have 9 or more hours of battery life on Full HD displays. Another factor to that is that it will need to be able to provide at least 4 hours of battery life in just a 30-minute charging period as well. This way, you know for sure that these laptops can last long while you’re away from a charger.

Wi-Fi 6

Acer Swift Series: The Pathway from Education to Professional Life

The Intel Evo platform isn’t just focused on battery life as wireless connectivity is also a huge focus point. As such, the newer Acer Swift series of laptops come with Intel Wi-Fi 6 (GIG+) built in. It’s better than today’s mainstream standard, Wi-Fi 5, as you can theoretically enjoy up to 3 times faster internet along with improved wireless consistency.

This makes it even more ideal for live streaming and video conferencing as those take up extra bandwidth. Moreover, you are futureproofed on that end when the Wi-Fi 6 standard slowly becomes the norm, so you have less needs to upgrade just to enjoy better internet connectivity somewhere down the road.

Microsoft Office Pre-Installed

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Lastly, the holy grail of productivity suites regardless of whether you’re in the office at work or still studying, Microsoft Office. From Word documents to those pesky Excel spreadsheets, there’s no denying that it’s the gold standard for work force and education. As such, you’d be happy to know that Microsoft Office is pre-installed in every Acer Swift laptop, so you can immediately get going as soon as you get your hands on them. No unnecessary downtime or having to set it up, it’s already there for you to use.

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