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Tech Data Hosts Tech Data Cybersecurity Day 2018

Tech Data Hosts Tech Data Cybersecurity Day 2018

by Raja IdrisNovember 14, 2018
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Tech Data Cybersecurity Day 2018

Tech Data Hosts Tech Data Cybersecurity Day 2018 32

Following the recent news that Media Prima was attacked by hackers, cybersecurity is now looking more and more essential in today’s world of technology.

Coincidentally, Tech Data Advanced Solutions has hosted their Cybersecurity Day 2018, where they held talks concerning the topic.

The event saw companies such as KPMG, Citrix, Sophos, IBM, and MDEC to name a few, where they had representatives in giving their own thoughts on the matter which revolves around the evolution of crime, digital workspace security, cloud security, digital economy in cybersecurity and more.

Tech Data Hosts Tech Data Cybersecurity Day 2018 33

The companies even setup their own booths at the venue, showcasing some of their solutions to attendees.

Interestingly, the APAC Cyber Lead of KPMG, Dani Michaux, has said that the recent attack on Media Prima was not a targeted attack but more of a collateral damage for the company. It just means that, the hackers did so, simply because they were capable of the act.

In addition to that, we’ve managed to talk with some of the folks from Tech Data and question them about how they feel about the cybersecurity scene here in Malaysia. They’ve said that while it’s good to have a big security system for protection, it will still come down to individuals. Every person has a part to play and they need to realize how important it is to have security from the top to government, corporate and finally to individuals. To add to that, they have also mentioned that a majority of Malaysians are only reactive to problems, where the goal that should be focused on is preventive measures.

Towards the end, they’ve mentioned that even normal consumers should take security more seriously and that doesn’t mean that you’d need to pay for expensive security offerings, where a simple free anti-virus would work as well. It’s just a reminder that you’d need to be wary in today’s digital world.

Pokdepinion: Well the event was an eye-opener for me. I for one am guilty for taking something such as internet security very lightly. Remember guys, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just ask… okay never mind. You get the point. Stay safe guys!

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