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Intel Coffee Lake Processor – Set For October Release!

Intel Coffee Lake Processor – Set For October Release!

by Raja IdrisSeptember 25, 2017
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The long awaited and highly anticipated processor Intel Coffee Lake is set to release this October 2017. With the most expensive offering, the i7-8700K, will cost you around $360.

Intel Coffee Lake Processor - Set For October Release! 25In less than two weeks time, PCs with the high-end processor will arrive to the market. With gamers, creator and overclockers in mind, Intel has confirmed the release date of the processor through a press release on Sunday. Despite that, popular desktops that are powered by it is expected to arrive at a later dater, presumably near the end of 2017. Laptops on the other hand, will be getting it even later, with an expected early 2018 release.

We are laser-focused on giving the enthusiast community the ultimate desktop experience, from chart-topping performance to a platform that can flex with their needs. Our 8th Gen Intel Core desktop processors deliver tremendous improvements across the board and – for gamers, in particular– offer an unbeatable experience Anand Srivatsa, General Manager of the Desktop Platform Group at Intel.

In comparison with last year’s Kaby Lake, the new processor has been said by Intel to improve frame rate by up to 25%. For those creators out there, Coffee Lake will allow you to edit 4K videos, and also allow you to edit 360-degree videos with up to 32% faster than the predecessor processor.

The new line ups will see the i3 having four cores and the i5 powered by six, a first for Intel’s desktop range. With more cores, means better multi-tasking. The i7-8700K offers 3.7GHz as a base frequency, but it boosts to 4.7 GHz.

Pokdepinion: Seeing that the i7-8700K will be priced around $360, it’s quite surprising considering all the rumors of it being $400+. We will soon see on whether the new chips are really worth of an upgrade this coming October. Will you be planning on going to the 8th generation?

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