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MSI announces second generation MSI ECO motherboard series

MSI announces second generation MSI ECO motherboard series

by Muhammad FirdausNovember 27, 2015
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Besides their excellent gaming motherboards, MSI also manufactures their MSI ECO series motherboard with the emphasis on minimizing power output while not sacrificing crucial performance. Initially announced to support Haswell processors, today they announced the second generation of the MSI ECO series with three new models, the MSI H170M ECO, B150M ECO, and H110M ECO.

All these motherboard offer industry leading power efficiency while retaining optimal performance made possible through the optimized PCB and circuitry design. This allows for saving energy without sacrificing performance, compatibility and functionality. The ECO Genie and ECO Center Pro allows the user total control on the system’s power consumption.


The 2nd generation MSI ECO Series motherboards offer more features than ever without impacting it’s power efficiency or performance. Reliable and efficient Intel® Gigabit LAN with 15kv anti-surge LAN Protect offers a stable and secure networking solution.


Through carefully selected and thoroughly tested components and materials, Guard-Pro and Military Class 4 provide industry leading stability. Even Audio Boost can now be found on MSI ECO Series motherboards as a testament to technical ingenuity.


MSI ECO series motherboard are aimed at both data center and office environments with a focus on power efficiency. To achieve an even higher level of power savings, the PCB is designed to offer hardware-based control to cut off all power to unwanted features on the motherboard. The hardware control of onboard features also allows control of standby power.


Pokdepinion: MSI ECO series has proven their magic works. You may find any review on the MSI ECO series motherboard and the result is truly amazing. This could be more interesting if we could undervolt the CPU Vcore which results in even lower power consumption and package temperatures.

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