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#NewPOCO for India is just… old POCOPHONE F1 Armored Edition for us…?

#NewPOCO for India is just… old POCOPHONE F1 Armored Edition for us…?

by Vyncent ChanDecember 25, 2018
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In an underwhelming turn of events, POCO India has just announced the availability of the new POCO F1 Armored Edition with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. POCO India has been teasing a #NewPOCO and we were probably getting a bit ahead of ourselves with the assumptions.

Fans in local POCOPHONE user communities were assuming that there will be a POCOPHONE F1 Lite with a lesser chipset, or even one with a larger screen and the same innards. It seems like it wasn’t to be though, as India finally gets the Armored Edition that we have.

#NewPOCO for India is just... old POCOPHONE F1 Armored Edition for us...? 26

Priced at 23 999 rupees (~RM1427), it comes with the same Kevlar back, but features less RAM and storage than the original POCO F1 Armored Edition they have in their market. Well, that was disappointing.

Pokdepinion: Oh dear, I was really getting in on the hype of a larger POCOPHONE though. A large 6.9″ screen with a Snapdragon 845. Sounds like a dream! And thus it remains a dream…

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