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[Computex 2019] NVIDIA focuses on creators with NVIDIA Studio

[Computex 2019] NVIDIA focuses on creators with NVIDIA Studio

by Vyncent ChanMay 27, 2019
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Content creators need the performance of a gaming system, but they don’t necessarily want it with all the bling that gaming laptops are associated with. Most high end gaming laptops now in the market sport RGBae keyboards, fancy high refresh rate displays and flashy designs. All creators need is the sweet, sweet horsepower under the hood, a properly calibrated display and reliability. The latter is probably the most important, as most creators rely on their systems to make a living. Some may also dislike the gamer-centric design of the gamers laptop, and that’s why NVIDIA Studio was created, to satisfy the creators who want the performance of gaming laptops, need it to be reliable, but in a design that won’t look out of place in a professional setting.

[Computex 2019] NVIDIA focuses on creators with NVIDIA Studio 29

There aren’t anything different under the hood from gaming laptops, with the exception of probably the 4K HDR display. Given that this is a laptop meant for professionals, a high quality display that offers you better colors would be a priority rather than a quick display with a high refresh rate. The NVIDIA Studio ecosystem is also centered around creative apps, with hardware optimization NVIDIA’s side via NVIDIA Studio drivers. The drivers follow a different cadence from Game Ready drivers, which are released a lot more frequently.

Aside from optimized drivers, OEM/ODMs are also required to test compatibility with the more than 200 supported creative applications before the laptops can be shipped with the NVIDIA RTX Studio certification. Creators who don’t want to worry about running into compatibility issues can just look for the NVIDIA RTX Studio logo on their laptops.

[Computex 2019] NVIDIA focuses on creators with NVIDIA Studio 30

NVIDIA has partnered with the top OEMs to bring 17 models to the market, with ASUS releasing the ASUS StudioBook, Acer with their Concept D lineup,MSI and their Prestige and Workstation series. Are you looking forward to getting a NVIDIA Studio laptop?

Pokdepinion: I personally love RGB too much to go for these laptops, but if you need Quadro RTX series GPUs, these are great options.

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