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Rest in peace Windows 7, I was told you were the best

Rest in peace Windows 7, I was told you were the best

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 14, 2020
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Windows 7’s mainstream support ended some five years back, but Microsoft was still providing support in the form of security patches and bug fixes. That was part of the “extended support” phase which lasted from 13th January 2015 until 14th January 2020. But after today, Windows 7 will officially be cut off from all support.

That means you won’t be getting any further updates from Microsoft, be it to patch bugs or security flaws, leaving you vulnerable to any newfound vulnerabilities in Windows. There will also be no technical support for any issues you face with Windows 7.

Many PC users are still stuck on Windows 7, some of them on their own volition due to the deep-rooted telemetry built into Windows 10.

In any case, you can continue using Windows 7, but you are on your own. With that said, I do believe anyone who’s still holding out on Windows 7 have their reasons and would probably know their way around the system.

windows 7 rip

Considering that Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen processors do not have official support on Windows 7, anyone using a recent system should be running a more recent OS already. Are you holding out on Windows 7?

Pokdepinion: Goodbye Windows Aero. You were pretty cool back then.

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