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Sales for HUAWEI Smartphones Surge by 50% in Q1 2019

Sales for HUAWEI Smartphones Surge by 50% in Q1 2019

by Aiman MaulanaMay 6, 2019
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Sales for HUAWEI Smartphones Surge by 50% in Q1 2019

Sales for HUAWEI Smartphones Surge by 50% in Q1 2019

If you still think that Apple is standing on the top of the world for smartphone sales, then this will definitely shock you. It appears that HUAWEI smartphone sales have surged by 50% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the final quarter of 2018. This meant that the company has managed to capture 19% share of the global smartphone market, which is their best achievement yet.

At the same time, Apple iPhone sales have dropped by 30% while Samsung has dropped 8% year-on-year. This data was published by research firm IDC, who also mentioned that HUAWEI is within striking distance of Samsung at the top of the global market as it has already surpassed Apple and their iPhones.

IDC Program Vice President Ryan Reith said:

This new ranking of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple is very likely what we’ll see when 2019 is all said and done.

HUAWEI first surpassed Apple in market share in 2018, but the latest figures now show a wider spread between the two companies. IDC attributed the growing success to a “well-rounded portfolio targeting all segments from low to high.”

It’s no secret at this point that U.S. officials have advised Americans against the use of HUAWEI products and services, even pressuring allies to ban their 5G telecommunications equipment, due to “security risks” and potential spy activity. The company has repeated denied those claims, citing that they would not engage in any form of espionage or provide data to the Chinese government.

Source: CNBC

Pokdepinion: The company has come a long way from just selling simple technological products to being the giants that they are today. Let’s see where 2019 will take them.

[UPDATE]: HUAWEI will still continue supporting all existing HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones!

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