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[TGS 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Footage Shows Aps Boss Battle, Minigame, and More

[TGS 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Footage Shows Aps Boss Battle, Minigame, and More

by Aiman MaulanaSeptember 14, 2019
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[TGS 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Footage Shows Aps Boss Battle, Minigame, and More

On the 3rd day of Tokyo Game Show 2019 today, Square Enix held a stage event focusing on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. Producer Yoshinori Kitase played Final Fantasy 7 Remake live, showing the Mako reactor infiltration and the boss battle against the Guard Scorpion.

He most notably explained the game has a Classic Mode. When activated, the player-controlled character will automatically attack enemies and dodge. The only thing the player needs to do is pick an action when the ATB gauge fills, just like in the original game, hence the name “Classic”. Limit Breaks are selected and executed when their gauge fill as well.

Next, Kitase also showed the squatting minigame in action, along with a new special gameplay video. The video, which wasn’t live and was recorded beforehand, shows Cloud, Tifa and Aerith fight again Aps, the boss in the sewers below Don Corneo’s mansion.

We got to see Aerith’s Holy Circle ability. It makes a magic circle appear on the ground, and any character casting magic within this area will see their magic getting repeated, dealing more damage.

The video most notably features Cloud summoning Ifrit. Kitase explained you can equip one summon Materia to each character’s weapon. When a summon appears, they’ll stay on the field and fight alongside your party, until the summon gauge runs out. You can make the summon use certain skills by spending the ATB bar. For example, Ifrit can use skills such as like Flame Burst and Crimson Dive by spending Cloud’s ATB bar. When the summon gauge runs out, the summon unleash a powerful attack before disappearing. In Ifrit’s case, it’s his iconic Hellfire attack.

Kitase also mentioned the summon gauge “appears when fighting strong enemies and bosses, as that’s when Summon Materia can enter a state of “resonance””, hinting that you can’t use summoning whenever. The gauge fills as you attack enemies.

You can check out all the gameplay footage for the game that was shown at TGS 2019 throughout this post. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 on 3rd March 2020.

Pokdepinion: It is shaping up to be more and more interesting, but I hope the new episodes don’t take too long to release.

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