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Xiaomi Could Come Up With Reverse-notched Smartphone

Xiaomi Could Come Up With Reverse-notched Smartphone

by Raja IdrisApril 25, 2019
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Notches, something that we can’t avoid in most smartphones in today’s market. Now it looks like Xiaomi is set to come out with a new notch design, a reversed notch. The company reportedly filed the patented design.

Xiaomi Could Come Up With Reverse-notched Smartphone 27

As you might expect from the name, instead of the notch directing down to the display, the notch will be just above the screen, pointing upwards. It seems like they’ve come out with two different iterations of the concept.

Judging by the patent, it looks like the ear piece will be joining the front cameras in the notch space that’s separated from the display. On its backside, it appears that there’s nothing to be on the notch.

Despite the news, we should wait for something more concrete as we all know that patents such as this may never come to fruition and make it to production. It is definitely something unique, we’d have to say though.

Pokdepinion: Interesting looking design. I wished that they would’ve put something at the back of the notch, perhaps an LED sensor for notifications? It would be just a waste of space there if it was empty.

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