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Razer Zephyr Review – Comfortable and Easy to Maintain
Silver Pokdeward

Razer Zephyr Review – Comfortable and Easy to Maintain

by November 15, 2021

One of the most iconic face masks to keep yourself protected in this pandemic, the Razer Zephyr is finally available for the masses. Is it worth the investment? Let's find out.




USD $99.99
USD $29.99 for 10 sets of filters
USD $149.99 for starter pack inclusive of 33 sets of filters


+ Relatively cooling compared to most face masks
+ Comfortable for long hours use
+ Easy to clean
+ Easy to change filters
+ RGB lighting on the mask for added bling


- Internal RGB to see mouth feels very weird to enable
- Battery life could be better
- Silicone face guard may leave red marks on face
- Not ideal for those who wear glasses

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The Razer Zephyr is a great mask, especially if you're into the gamer aesthetic, but best avoid it if you're wearing glasses.

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Unboxing the Razer Zephyr

Razer Zephyr Review

Razer Zephyr Review – Box

The box of the Razer Zephyr is rather different from your standard Razer peripheral as it’s white. As usual, you have your typical product description and details written all over it. Inside the box, you can find the following items:

Razer Zephyr Review -

Razer Zephyr Review – Box content

  • User guide
  • Welcome note
  • Razer stickers
  • N95-grade filters
  • USB-C cable
  • Anti-Fog spray
  • The Razer Zephyr RGB face mask itself


Razer Zephyr RGB Face Mask Confirmed to Be Coming Soon

Razer Zephyr Review – Front

This mask certainly doesn’t look like any face mask you see people wear to protect from COVID-19. It certainly resembles like a smaller version of a gas mask, albeit without goggles attached to it, and with glorious RGB lighting. From the front, you can see a semi-transparent plastic shell, it’s dual-intake chambers, and another filter in the mouth area.

Razer Zephyr RGB Face Mask Confirmed to Be Coming Soon

Razer Zephyr Review – Dual air chambers with built-in fan

The dual-intake chambers, which can be opened easily as it’s attached magnetically, will open to reveal a small fan that’s in charge of drawing warm air inside the mask outside. The mouth filter is also attached to the mask magnetically, which makes it easy to change the filters. There is a line surrounding the dual chambers, which is where the external RGB lighting is located.

Razer Zephyr Review -

Razer Zephyr Review – Rear

Turning the other way, you can see the head strap, a detachable rubberized mouth piece, and a clearer view of the plastic shell. In case you’re wondering, the charging port is located on the inside part of the mask, on the bottom-right. It does have a rubber cap to cover it, and it’s attached to the mask so you won’t lose it. In case you’re wondering, it’s USB-C.

Overall, it’s certainly an eye-catching mask, especially with RGB lights on but we’ll comment more on that later. If you want to turn heads while you’re out and about, this is definitely a top choice.

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Fans Dual Intake Fans with 2 Speeds; High (6200RPM) and Low (4200 RPM)
  • N95-grade meltblown filters
  • 99% BFE rating
  • Capable of filtering at least 95% of 0.3 microns particle
  • External Razer Chroma RGB
  • Internal-facing LED for illumination of facial features
  • Customizable via Razer Zephyr app
  • Pairing and Charging status will be indicated on internal-facing LED
Anti-Fog Treatment Applied on on inner plastic surface
Battery Life
  • Low speed – Up to 8 hours with Lighting Off, 5.5 hours with Lighting On^
  • High speed – Up to 4 hours with Lighting Off, 3.5 hours with Lighting On^
  • Charge Time – Approx. 3 hours
  • Standby Time – Up to 2 days, with Lighting and Fan Off
  • Battery level of device indicated on Razer Zephyr App.
Dimensions 181 x 104 x 104 mm, 206.1g
Attachments Adjustable elastic head strap
On-Device Control Multi-control button (power on, fan speed, and pairing)
Connection Bluetooth LE
Compatibility Android and iOS

User Experience


Razer Zephyr Review -

Razer Zephyr Review – Razer Zephyr app

The first time you’re using the Razer Zephyr, you will hold the multi-control button until the light starts flashing. At this point, you can connect it to your smartphone via the Razer Zephyr app. Here, you can adjust the lighting, both internal and external, change the fan speed, and check the battery life. You can use the button to change the fan speed, but you get more functionality with the app.


Razer Zephyr Review -

Razer Zephyr Review – RGB lights enabled

One of the key factors that make the Razer Zephyr enticing is its comfort factor. For starters, you have the silicone face guard, which provides cushioning for your face. Then, the fact that there’s an empty space in front of you mouth makes it easier to breathe. Lastly, the built-in dual fans, one on each chamber, provide adequate ventilation so you don’t get stuck with warm, stuffy air inside.

Compared to your standard disposable face mask and fabric masks, this is certainly one of the most comfortable face masks out there. However, there is one small issue that you need to take note of. While the silicone face guard is cushioning your face, tightening the mask will inevitably result in it leaving a bit of a mark on your face, like a tight watch on your wrist after hours of wearing.

With that being said however, I noticed that the mask can get a bit problematic for those who wear glasses. Compared to other masks, it won’t fog up but it might not rest well on the mask. Unless your pair of glasses happened to be small or shaped in a way that it doesn’t sit in an odd position on the mask, it’s not a comfortable wear.


Razer Zephyr Review -

Razer Zephyr Review – Replaceable filters

As this isn’t a disposable mask, users will have to make sure that the Razer Zephyr gets cleaned properly and thoroughly from time to time. The good news here is that it’s easy to do as most of the things on the mask can be easily removed. The dual air chambers and mouth filter can be removed directly as it’s attached magnetically. This is important as these are where the filters are placed.

Razer Zephyr Review -

Razer Zephyr Review – Easy to detach and clean

Then, the silicone face guard can be removed, so you can clean both that and insides of the mask thoroughly. Additionally, Razer included an anti-fog spray, so you can spray it inside here and wipe it down. Alternatively, just clean it with soap water and you’re good to go. This certainly makes it viable for long-term use for as long as you’re willing to purchase the filters.

Razer is selling the N95-grade Filter Pack (10 sets of filters) for USD $29.99, which provides up to 30-days of protection.

Battery Life

Razer Zephyr Review -

Razer Zephyr Review – USB-C port

While the Razer Zephyr is advertised with a battery life of up to 8 hours, results can change drastically depending on the settings. If you’re using it on low fan speed with no RGB lighting, yes, you can easily reach 8 hours, if not slightly more. With certain settings enabled, we’ve listed them right below here:

Low Fan Speed High Fan Speed
RGB Lighting Off 8 hours 4.5 hours
RGB Lighting On 6 hours 3.5 hours

Razer Zephyr Verdict

Razer Zephyr RGB Face Mask Confirmed to Be Coming Soon

Razer Zephyr Review – Dual air chambers with built-in fan

The Razer Zephyr is a great mask, especially if you’re into the gamer aesthetic. With COVID-19 expected to stay for much longer, the initial cost of USD $99.99 to get one isn’t too bad to stomach. This is especially considering the fact that we have to spend of masks anyway. Just keep in mind that it might not fit well if you’re a person who needs glasses to see.

At the end of our Razer Zephyr review, I award this face mask with our Silver Pokdeward.


Big thanks to Razer Asia Pacific for sending us this face mask for the purpose of this review.

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