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Here’s how much the 10th Gen Intel Core desktop processors might cost

Here’s how much the 10th Gen Intel Core desktop processors might cost

by Vyncent ChanMarch 12, 2020
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If you are looking for ballpark figures on how much the next generation of Intel Core processors will cost, here’s a good idea. @momomo_us has spotted a retailer listing the prices a bit too early, and here’s the pricing for the full stack of the upcoming 10th Gen Intel Core desktop processors.

The pricing listed here are for the tray processors, i.e. not the boxed units one you can buy at stores. The difference is usually quite minimal, until your usual supply-and-demand gets in the way of things. With that said, here goes:

10th Gen Intel Core processor prices (leaked)

SKU Part Number Base Clock (GHz) Cores/Threads Cache Price (without VAT)
Core i9-10900K CM8070104282844 3.7 10C/20T 20MB €504 (~RM2411)
Core i9-10900KF CM8070104282846 3.7 10C/20T 20MB €475 (~RM2272)
Core i9-10900 CM8070104282624 2.8 10C/20T 20MB €452 (~RM2162)
Core i9-10900T CM8070104282624 1.9 10C/20T 20MB €452 (~RM2162)
Core i9-10900F CM8070104282625 2.8 10C/20T 20MB €425 (~RM2033)
Core i7-10700K CM8070104282436 3.8 8C/16T 16MB €389 (~RM1861)
Core i7-10700KF CM8070104282437 3.8 8C/16T 16MB €362 (~RM1732)
Core i7-10700 CM8070104282327 2.9 8C/16T 16MB €335 (~RM1603)
Core i7-10700T CM8070104282215 2.0 8C/16T 16MB €335 (~RM1603)
Core i7-10700F CM8070104282329 2.9 8C/16T 16MB €308 (~RM1473)
Core i5-10600K CM8070104282134 4.1 6C/12T 12MB €263 (~RM1258)
Core i5-10600KF CM8070104282136 4.1 6C/12T 12MB €236 (~RM1129)
Core i5-10600 CM8070104290312 3.3 6C/12T 12MB €222 (~RM1062)
Core i5-10600T CM8070104290410 2.4 6C/12T 12MB €222 (~RM1062)
Core i5-10500 CM8070104290511 3.1 6C/12T 12MB €200 (~RM957)
Core i5-10500T CM8070104290606 2.3 6C/12T 12MB €200 (~RM957)
Core i5-10400 CM8070104290715 2.9 6C/12T 12MB €190 (~RM909)
Core i5-10400T CM8070104290806 2.0 6C/12T 12MB €190 (~RM909)
Core i5-10400F CM8070104290716 2.9 6C/12T 12MB €163 (~RM780)
Core i3-10320 CM8070104291009 3.8 4C/8T 8MB €162 (~RM775)
Core i3-10300 CM8070104291109 3.7 4C/8T 8MB €151 (~RM722)
Core i3-10300T CM8070104291212 3.0 4C/8T 8MB €151 (~RM722)
Core i3-10100 CM8070104291317 3.6 4C/8T 6MB €129 (~RM617)
Core i3-10100T CM8070104291412 3.0 4C/8T 6MB €129 (~RM617)

The 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10900 parts will go head-to-head with AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X, which is slightly cheaper while offering two more cores and four extra threads. Intel does have the advantage of being able to clock their processors higher though, so the single-threaded performance should be Intel’s advantage. Whether end users can actually cool the processors enough to enjoy the high clocks with that many cores is still questionable though.

Meanwhile for those who aren’t looking for the 10th Gen Intel Core processors, but still want something based on Comet Lake, there are the Pentium and Celeron parts.

Comet Lake Pentium and Celeron pricing (leaked)

SKU Part Number Base Clock (GHz) Cache Price (without VAT)
Pentium G6600 CM8070104291510 4.2 4MB €92 (~RM440)
Pentium G6500 CM8070104291610 4.1 4MB €81 (~RM387)
Pentium G6500T CM8070104291707 3.5 4MB €81 (~RM387)
Pentium G6400 CM8070104291810 4.0 4MB €70 (~RM335)
Pentium G6400T CM8070104291907 3.4 4MB €70 (~RM335)
Celeron G5920 CM8070104292010 3.5 2MB €58 (~RM277)
Celeron G5900 CM8070104292110 3.4 2MB €47 (~RM225)
Celeron G5900T CM8070104292207 3.2 2MB €47 (~RM225)

Overall, the pricing does seem pretty interesting. The leak also reveals that all the new Comet Lake-based desktop processors will need the new LGA1200 socket. Whether enthusiasts can justify buying a new Intel board just to use these processors remain to be seen.

Pokdepinion: Intel’s product stack seems to compare quite poorly against AMD’s when it comes to value…

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