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Intel is going to outsource 14nm CPU manufacturing to Samsung

Intel is going to outsource 14nm CPU manufacturing to Samsung

by Vyncent ChanNovember 29, 2019
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Intel has reportedly entered an agreement with Samsung to help cope with the demand of its chips. With Intel’s development of their 10nm node a lot slower than expected, they are relying on their 14nm manufacturing process for way more than they had anticipated.

Intel has already outsourced basic chips manufacturing to other foundries to tackle the demand for their chips. However it is apparently still insufficient to meet the needs of its clients, and thus now has to outsource its CPU manufacturing as well.

intel transistor density

One thing that the report did not reveal was whether they will be sharing their manufacturing technology with Samsung. In case you guys didn’t know, Intel did boast about their superior transistor density even while they were using a “bigger” process node. Samsung’s 14nm node is inferior to Intel’s.

intel capacitors

It would be safe to assume that Intel will be entrusting Samsung with the manufacturing of low-end parts like the Atom processors, while the Intel Core series will still be handled by Intel’s own fabs.

In a way, it does seem like its good business for Samsung, especially as their delay to get 7nm up and running has seen them losing big orders to TSMC this year, the largest of which is definitely AMD’s slew of 7nm CPUs and GPUs.

Pokdepinion: Well, it probably doesn’t amtter in the low-end chipsets.

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