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PSA: Maxis Has Changed The Names of Several Offerings

PSA: Maxis Has Changed The Names of Several Offerings

by Aiman MaulanaMay 22, 2020
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PSA: Maxis Has Changed The Names of Several Offerings

Some of you out there may be confused as to why you suddenly found yourself with a new telco or internet plan all of a sudden from Maxis / Hotlink. We’re here to alleviate that confusion because you’re not actually on a new plan.

The folks over at Maxis recently changed the names of a wide number of their offerings, including postpaid, prepaid, and internet plans. This goes for both consumers and businesses. We’ve listed the full change of names right below here:

PSA: Maxis Has Changed The Names of Several Offerings 22

New Names for Maxis and Hotlink Offerings

Current Plan NameNew Plan Name
Maxis plans 
MaxisONE PlanMaxis Postpaid
MaxisONE ShareMaxis Postpaid Share 48
MaxisONE Home FibreMaxis Fibre
MaxisONE Home VoiceFibre – Voice
MaxisONE PrimeMaxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre
Hotlink plans 
Hotlink Flex Plus FibreHotlink Postpaid & Fibre
Hotlink Postpaid FlexHotlink Postpaid
Maxis Business plans & services 
ONEBusiness FlexiMaxis Business Postpaid
ONEBusiness SmartMaxis Business Postpaid & Fibre
ONEBusiness VoiceGoMaxis Business Voice Go
ONEBusiness VoiceConnectMaxis Business Voice Connect
ONEBusiness VoiceSIPMaxis Business Voice SIP
ONEBusiness FibreMaxis Business Fibre
Soho 48 PlanMaxis Business Postpaid Share 48
ONEBusiness HubMaxis Business Hub

We hope this will be enough to alleviate any confusions. There should not be any additional costs so if you find yourself paying extra, be sure to check your bill and call customer support as soon as you can.


Pokdepinion: I myself was confused as to why I’m no longer on Hotlink Flex postpaid. Turns out they just changed the name. Everything else is the same for me.

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