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Google Photos unlimited storage to come to an end next year

Google Photos unlimited storage to come to an end next year

by Vyncent ChanNovember 12, 2020
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If you have been relying on Google Photos to store your memories instead of having them hog up space on your device, it is probably time to explore more options of storing them. Google will be ending their free unlimited Google Photos backup service next year on 1st June 2021. This only applies to the High quality setting, as the Original quality setting has always been counted towards your storage space.

Google made sure to clarify that the High quality images that you have uploaded before 1st June will still be free, and those images will not count towards the storage you have in your Google Account, which is shared across Google Drive, Gmail and Photos. If you want to keep using Google Photos to backup your images after 1st June 2021, it will start to be counted against your storage quota in your Google account.

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This move is probably to give Google Pixel owners an advantage, as they will still continue receiving free, unlimited backup of their photos and videos at the High quality setting. But we can’t really blame Google, as Google reportedly sees 28 billion new photos and videos uploaded every week, and to have to store all that for free must have been quite a costly endeavor.

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Google is already providing 15GB of free storage for every Google account which can be used for your image backups, so that’s still plenty with the High quality backups. Google estimates that 15GB is good for about 3 years of image backups at High quality. If you need more, there’s always Google One to help you expand your cloud storage capacity.

In June 2021, Google will also be offering a tool for you to manage the photos and videos you have backed up, allowing you to decide whether you want to keep or delete unwanted images. It will also automatically highlight dark or blurry photos as well as large videos that you might not want to keep.

Pokdepinion: At the rate at which I just simply take images for no particular reason, and the way that Google Photos automatically backs it all up, I do understand why Google wants to start charging us for our image backups.

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