Edifier G2000 Review – A gaming RGB Speaker

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I have tested my fair share of Edifier speakers, and they were awesome at pretty much every price point. I previously came to the conclusion that Edifier is better at making speakers than headphones or earphones, although Edifier has improved on their recent personal audio offerings a lot. This time we are looking at a rather interesting pair of speakers from Edifier though, as the Edifier G2000 are a pair of “gaming speakers”. I am quite particular about gaming audio, so let’s see if the Edifier G2000 can satisfy me.

0:00-0:38 Intro
0:39-1:19 Unboxing
1:20-2:17 Specification
2:18-4:18 Overview
4:19-4:44 RGB
4:45-7:14 Sound Test
7:15-9:02 Conclusion

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