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Intel injects intelligence into connected classrooms

Intel injects intelligence into connected classrooms

by Vyncent ChanNovember 25, 2019
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School can get boring. I mean, there really is no joy sitting in class with the teacher going on and on about something you don’t really understand. To change that, education must involve two-way communication rather than a teacher just force feeding you information. That’s where Intel®’s smart classroom technology comes in.

One of the key highlights of a smart classroom is connectivity. All the students and educators will enjoy a connected experience with improved interaction. Also, with the internet at your fingertips, the class can draw on more resources to better understand the topic at hand, or just to get a different perspective about it.

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Educators will be able to take advantage of vision technology and deep learning enabled by Intel®’s AI accelerators to virtually take attendance, measure reactions and engagements. This will free up more time for them to actually educate rather than spending precious time on menial tasks. As there will be quite a bit of sensitive data being captured throughout the classroom, the privacy and security are of utmost importance too. Intel®’s smart classroom ecosystem will encompass hardware-based security capabilities to avoid security issues from affecting the younglings.

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All of these technologies are integrated into interactive whiteboards, flat panel displays, personal computers as well as tablets, enabling the whole class to get in on the smart classroom experience. Last but not least, Intel® promises long reliability and support, giving peace of mind to educators.

JOI’s Education Solutions harness all of Intel®’s know-how to bring optimized implementations tailored to each smart classroom’s needs. You can find out more about JOI Education Solutions here.

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With Malaysia advancing into the 5G era, connected classrooms are vital to ensure that the future generation get a better grasp of technology beyond just social media before heading out into the working world. Everything else is getting more advanced, why should classrooms remain the same?

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