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Rock Out To’s Own Spotify Playlist In Partnership With OPPO

Rock Out To’s Own Spotify Playlist In Partnership With OPPO

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieSeptember 10, 2021
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Now, this is something we never imagined would come up. We here at are a diverse group of people hence our music tastes are also quite diverse. This diversity in music is also reflected in our very own Spotify playlist. Yes, we have our very own playlist now on Spotify called Rock It Out! 🤘.’s new Spotify playlist

Rock Out To's Own Spotify Playlist In Partnership With OPPO 21

The Spotify playlist is a collaboration between us and OPPO Malaysia and consists 30 of songs from all sorts of music genres ranging from rock to pop to rap to R&B. These are a few songs that we personally love to listen to and we hope that our readers and music lovers out there would love to listen too.

Listen to Rock It Out! 🤘 here

We would like to thank OPPO Malaysia for presenting us with this oppo-rtunity (get it?) to create the Rock It Out! 🤘 playlist to share some of our favourite music with the world. You can check out the playlist on Spotify. We sincerely hope you all like it!

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