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HONOR gaming laptop to launch by August 2020

HONOR gaming laptop to launch by August 2020

by Vyncent ChanJuly 8, 2020
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HONOR will reportedly be bringing a gaming laptop to the market this year, and it is expected to arrive as early as this month. This comes just in time for the university intake season in China, which is a good time to release gaming laptops, as students will be looking for laptops.

honor gaming laptop rumor

Given the time frame, the HONOR gaming laptop should sport the latest 10th Gen Intel Core H-series processors, or maybe the AMD Ryzen 4000H series processors. A dedicated GPU from either NVIDIA or AMD is pretty much a given, unless HONOR intends to mislead with the “gaming notebook” nomenclature.

HONOR Magicbook cooling

The HONOR MagicBook does have some impressive looking cooling hardware…

Hopefully HONOR can scale up their experience at handling low TDP processors in the thin-and-light designs they are offering today to tackle the higher heat output of a gaming CPU and a GPU. 45W TDP processors and a respectable dedicated GPU that will draw around 65W can be quite challenging to cool, especially when we are talking about the 10th Gen Intel Core processors.

HONOR Magicbook

The HONOR gaming laptop is expected to be followed by a gaming laptop from HUAWEI as well. The coming months might add quite a number of options for people considering getting a gaming laptop. The July or August launch window does coincide with Malaysian university intakes too which traditionally happens in September, although I am not exactly sure about the situation following the COVID-19 outbreak.

What do you think HONOR should name their gaming laptops? Should it still be a member of the MagicBook family? Speaking of which, the HONOR MagicBook Play does seem like a pretty appropriate name. Or should it have an entirely new name for the gaming lineup?


Pokdepinion: As a brand targeting youths, gaming laptops sure does look like the logical next step for HONOR.

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