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Stay Safe with Intel with these selected Intel Core laptops!

Stay Safe with Intel with these selected Intel Core laptops!

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 17, 2020
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As we enter an extended Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), it is probably best to continue staying safe at home, and reduce going out as much as possible. Since you will be cooped up at home, why not get a new laptop to maximize your productivity and also your enjoyment of the limitless entertainment available on the internet?

Or maybe, even pick up a new skill like photo manipulation or video editing. With the latest Intel®️ Core™️-powered laptops, you will have all the performance you need to perform your daily tasks and much more. The latest 10th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ processors based on the 10nm process also offer exceptional battery life, allowing you to work, learn or play without worrying about having to look for a power point.

All the features combined mean that you will have a laptop that’s great for working at home or on the go. A wide selection of laptops from Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, HUAWEI, Lenovo, MSI and Microsoft across a wide price range powered by the latest Intel®️ Core™️ processors are just perfect for your next upgrade.



Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air









The list above is not exhaustive, as there are just way too many laptops to list them all out. You can head on over to the link at the end of the article to find out more about the laptops available.


Stay Safe with Intel KOL

But that’s not all. With the currently ongoing Stay Safe with Intel campaign, you will also be eligible to get protective face masks when you purchase the above Intel®️ Core™️ devices. Aside from netting yourself a new laptop to improve your computing experience both at home and out and about, you also get 50 pieces of face masks with your laptop. If you purchase any 8th Gen to 10th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ i7 laptops, you will also be entitled to an additional knitted mask. Now is that a good deal or what?

GLOO Store

You can find out the terms and conditions of the Stay Safe with Intel campaign as well as the participating stores via the link below:

Find your nearest participating store!

Pokdepinion: Well I guess no one will complain about having more masks at this point in time…

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