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Mi Mix Series To Make A Comeback — Features Liquid Lens

Mi Mix Series To Make A Comeback — Features Liquid Lens

by Raja IdrisMarch 26, 2021
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It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard about Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series, with the last being the Mi Mix Alpha, which was unveiled back in 2019. Two years forward, it seems that the company will finally reveal a new device for the series which will be featuring liquid lens.

Xiaomi Mi Mix series set for return

The teaser was revealed in a video where they showcased that the new Mi Mix will be featuring a camera that comes with liquid lens. This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of liquid lens though as it was reported that HUAWEI would feature it in this year’s flagship devices.

It is said that the lens has been developed in-house by Xiaomi and it is supposed to replicate how the human eye works and how our eyes focus instantly on an object at different distances.

The company calls it “Bionic photography” and it is basically a transparent fluid that’s wrapped from ultra-thin film. This in turn helps for fast refocusing and minimizing distortion.

Xiaomi Mi Mix series

Xiaomi Malaysia has posted a teaser of the device at their Facebook page, revealing the global launch date on the 29th of March, which isn’t that far from now. From the image, it suggest that the device will be a foldable device. We’ll learn more on the device as we head nearer to the launch date so stay tuned for that.


Pokdepinion: What I loved about their Mi Mix series is how they try to break the boundaries as we’ve witnessed from their previous models. The idea is of course an interesting one but I wonder if it is indeed an upgrade to your typical lens. Let’s hope that they do bring it to Malaysia so we can test it out!

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