HUAWEI To Reportedly Use Liquid Lens For 2021 Flagship Smartphones

Raja Idris
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HUAWEI To Reportedly Use Liquid Lens For 2021 Flagship Smartphones

It has been reported that HUAWEI will be introducing “liquid lens” for their flagship smartphones next year in 2021, which is aimed to improve photography results.

HUAWEI liquid lens in 2021

HUAWEI Mate 40 series camera

HUAWEI Mate 40 series camera

So what exactly does it do? It is said to enhance image stabilization as well as focus times. It is said to offer a major improvement as reports claim that the focus time will be reduced to a couple of milliseconds, where it is said to be able to match the focus time of our very own eyes.

The liquid lens will be featuring in their telephoto camera, where it is said that the lens will vary the shape of the liquid through varying voltage. It is also suggested that the technology will be more durable to shock as well compared to conventional focusing motors.

Not to forget, the lens will be coupled with with a Sony IMX782 sensor, if reports are to be true. Unfortunately, that’s about all the details that available at the moment for the liquid lens. Worry not as we’ll sure to update you should there be new updates on it. Till then, stay tuned to


Pokdepinion: It definitely sounds like an interesting feature. Let’s see if it indeed will come out soon and see whether it improves on stabilization and focusing. We surely hope so!

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