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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the best selfie smartphone according to DxOMark

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the best selfie smartphone according to DxOMark

by Vyncent ChanApril 17, 2019
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Samsung literally makes the best selfie smartphones without bragging about their selfie capabilities. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G proves it by scoring the highest score ever on DxOMark’s selfie camera benchmark, besting the Samsung Galaxy S10+’s score of 96.

DxOMark has this to say about the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G’s selfie camera:

…selfie shooters will be very happy with Samsung’s latest top-end phone as well, thanks to a very well-balanced approach to texture rendition and noise reduction, as well as to an efficient autofocus system that ensures good subject sharpness across a wide range of shooting distances. Moreover, target exposure and color rendering leave little to complain about…

This comes as no surprise as the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G tout Dual Pixel AF and a 3D ToF sensor up front

Breaking down the scores, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G scores 101 for stills while its video capabilities score a high 90 as well. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of smartphones are some of the very few smartphones in the market with autofocus, and Dual Pixel AF at that, it actually comes as no surprise.

That’s a closer fight than we would expect!

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G also matches the HUAWEI P30 Pro with its rear cameras’ DxOMark score, but the latter still has the lead when it comes to stills. Video is where the Samsung trounces the HUAWEI flagship, which isn’t all that shocking since HUAWEI has yet to equip their flagships with 4K60 video recording.

It’s quite interesting to see DxOMark award the Galaxy S10 5G a higher score than the Samsung Galaxy S10+, despite the fact that they both feature pretty similar hardware aside from a 3D ToF sensor on the former. Perhaps Samsung improved the software with the Galaxy S10 5G, or maybe DxOMark places a heavy emphasis on the bokeh effects?

Pokdepinion: HUAWEI should definitely up their video game. We have seen Xiaomi add 4K60 video recording to the POCOPHONE F1 via a software update. Maybe HUAWEI should do the same?

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