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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Live Translate Feature: Breaking Language Barriers Seamlessly

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Live Translate Feature: Breaking Language Barriers Seamlessly

by Aiman MaulanaJanuary 31, 2024
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Effective communication is crucial in various scenarios, from business meetings to travel experiences and making reservations. Samsung Electronics, on January 17, introduced the Samsung Galaxy S24 series powered by Galaxy AI, unveiling a groundbreaking feature—Live Translate on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This innovative tool acts as a personal interpreter, facilitating effortless conversations in multiple languages directly from your pocket.

Putting Live Translate in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to the Test: A Firsthand Experience

The team over at Samsung decided to put the Live Translate feature to the test by making a reservation at a local modern Italian-American restaurant in downtown San Jose, California. The firsthand experience showcased how this Galaxy S24 Ultra feature transforms communication, demonstrating its effectiveness in bridging language gaps.

To initiate the reservation process, a Korean editor from Samsung Newsroom pressed the Live Translate button on the Galaxy S24 Ultra and dialed the restaurant’s number. Upon connecting with a restaurant employee, an automated message announced, “Hello. This call is being translated and live captioned.” The editor communicated in Korean, expressing the desire to make a reservation for six people on a specified date and time. The Live Translate feature seamlessly conveyed this message to the restaurant employee in English, ensuring a smooth and effective exchange.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Live Translate Feature: Breaking Language Barriers Seamlessly

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Live Translate feature supports up to 13 languages, offering both audio and onscreen text translations. Notably, it remembers the language used for each contact, streamlining future calls. A remarkable aspect of this feature is its compatibility with all phone types, including landlines, emphasizing its universal applicability. Drianna Cardarelli, the general manager of the restaurant, shared her thoughts on Live Translate for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Recognizing its potential in the hospitality sector, she emphasized its benefits for non-English-speaking guests. Drianna anticipated that Live Translate would make guests feel more comfortable calling the restaurant with inquiries, fostering direct communication.

She highlighted the tool’s value in scenarios where a phone call is preferred over online platforms, especially when dealing with Spanish-speaking guests. Live Translate becomes a valuable asset, eliminating language barriers and ensuring a seamless communication experience. Live Translate is just one of the many features powered by on-device AI in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This approach prioritizes privacy and security, processing calls swiftly without relying on external servers. Galaxy AI is at the forefront of expanding possibilities for users, enabling them to connect and create in innovative ways.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Live Translate Feature: Breaking Language Barriers Seamlessly

As Samsung continues to usher in a new era of mobile AI, Live Translate stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to breaking down language barriers and enhancing global communication. Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for further updates on the evolving landscape of mobile AI.

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