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LG Showcases Digital Signage Solutions At ISE 2024

LG Showcases Digital Signage Solutions At ISE 2024

by Low Boon ShenJanuary 31, 2024
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LG Showcases Digital Signage Solutions At ISE 2024

LG is unveiling its latest digital signage solutions at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, from January 30 to February 2. The showcase includes various display solutions tailored for retail, corporate, education, and hospitality sectors, featuring Micro LED, All-in-One LED, Transparent OLED, and cloud management platforms.

LG Showcases Digital Signage Solutions at ISE 2024

At ISE 2024’s largest booth, the MAGNIT lineup of micro-LED displays is showcased across various zones demonstrating different usage scenarios. From digitalized control rooms to virtual production studios, the company’s micro-LED technology offers large-scale screens customizable to specific customer needs and environments, with rigorous surface flame spread and electromagnetic compatibility testing to ensure it can withstand harsh conditions.

The Corporate Zone spotlights MAGNIT displays tailored for corporate settings, including solutions for control rooms, virtual production studios, and meeting spaces. The 171-inch and 105-inch All-in-One LED signage in the 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio is also introduced.

LG Showcases Digital Signage Solutions At ISE 2024 29

In the Retail Zone, LG showcases digital signage solutions designed to enhance the shopping experience and drive advertising revenue. The solutions include the 79-inch Stretch LED signage ideal for brand content, to Transparent OLED models in various sizes serving as digital menu boards. Additionally, the display maker demonstrates the ease of in-store advertisement selection and playback through LG DOOH Ads’ Programmatic AD feature.

LG Showcases Digital Signage Solutions At ISE 2024 30

The Education Zone features a digital classroom equipped with LG CreateBoard interactive digital boards ranging from 55 to 86 inches, facilitating seamless class loading and student access via QR codes. This zone also highlights integrated solutions for virtual production, suitable for university film programs, combining LED screens, CreateBoard, and OLED displays.

To streamline display management, the company offers cloud-based software solutions like LG Business Cloud and LG SuperSign Cloud. These platforms enable efficient content creation, distribution, and remote management of digital signage displays. Finally, the company introduces LG Shield – a commercial display security system designed to protect against emerging cyber threats. Operating under webOS, it is designed to secure central servers, apps, and operating systems.

Pokdepinion: Transparent OLEDs might be the next thing to show up in retail stores.

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