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New Xiaomi Device With 200W Fast Charging Is Rumoured To Be On Its Way

New Xiaomi Device With 200W Fast Charging Is Rumoured To Be On Its Way

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieMarch 9, 2021
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New rumours have emerged of Xiaomi working on releasing a device that will feature the fastest charging speed ever seen on a smartphone. According to Digital Chat Station over at Weibo, the company is looking to release a smartphone that will not support only a 200W fast charging wired but reverse charging and wireless charging as well.

New Xiaomi phone with 200W fast charging incoming?

Digital Chat Station

According to the well-known tipster, the new Xiaomi device will see a release sometime in the second half of the year. At the moment we have no idea which Xiaomi device is this rumour alluding to. It might just be the Mi 11 Ultra seeing that the Mi 11 itself already supports 115W fast charging. However, this is not the only news of a fast charging smartphone coming as the Mi 11 Pro might just feature 120W fast charging.

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned until more information surrounding this mysterious device surfaces. Until then, stay tuned to us here at


Pokdepinion: I wonder what device does Xiaomi have under their sleeves this time? 200W fast charging is nothing to scoff at IMHO.

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