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Xiaomi’s Solid State Battery Prototype Achieves Unprecedented Energy Density

Xiaomi’s Solid State Battery Prototype Achieves Unprecedented Energy Density

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 7, 2023
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Xiaomi’s research and development team is hard at work, and they’ve made a major breakthrough with solid state batteries, making it more viable.

Xiaomi Solid State Battery Tech Evolution

Xiaomi's Solid-State Battery Prototype Achieves Unprecedented Energy Density

Xiaomi, one of China’s leading tech giants, is making waves in the battery industry with its latest innovation in solid state batteries. With the development of these cutting-edge batteries, Xiaomi is hoping to revolutionize the mobile device and electric vehicle (EV) industries.

Solid state batteries are a safer alternative to traditional lithium-ion batteries due to the lack of liquid electrolytes. They also offer improved performance in low temperatures and higher energy density, making them an attractive prospect for the EV market. They have achieved a massive 1,000 Wh/l energy density with its solid state battery prototype, more than twice the energy density most EVs currently offer, which is around 450 Wh/l.

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In addition to higher energy density, the solid state batteries offer improved efficiency at low temperatures, with a reported 20% improvement at -20°C. Xiaomi’s engineers have also improved the durability of the batteries by coating the positive electrode with solid electrolyte ceramics.

They tested a prototype on a Xiaomi 13 smartphone and was able to fit a 6,000mAh unit inside the small handset, demonstrating the potential for solid state batteries in mobile devices. However, the real challenge will be producing these batteries at scale and making them economically viable. Despite this challenge, they are making steady progress and could potentially release a Xiaomi-made EV powered by a solid state battery in the coming years.


Pokdepinion: It’s an interesting time to be alive as we’re about to see batteries evolve into something much better. For most people, it will just mean having a smartphone that can last longer, which is already a great development.

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