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Samsung Electronics To Showcase Neo QLED 8K At 2022 Media Forum

Samsung Electronics To Showcase Neo QLED 8K At 2022 Media Forum

by Charlotte WuApril 27, 2022
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Samsung Neo QLED 8K

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K will be showcased at the upcoming 2022 Media Forum, highlighting the technology, features, and innovation behind their new product.

Samsung Electronics To Showcase Neo QLED 8K At 2022 Media Forum

For the past 11 years, the Media Forum sessions (formerly known as Technical Seminars), have served as a special platform for delivering extensive information and an exclusionary hands-on experience with new products. This year from 11th April to 16th of May, participants coming from six different regions: the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa will attend the global virtual forum.

In line with their vision: “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All”, Samsung is introducing new technologies from the 2022 line-up that allows seamless connectivity across multiple devices using TVs and screens serving as the central hub for the connected lifestyle. Participants will get the opportunity to learn more about the following products and fields.

Samsung Electronics To Showcase Neo QLED 8K

Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED 8K have extended neural networks, to be more exact a 14-bit contrast mapping and AI-powered smart upscaling capabilities using the Quantum Mini LEDS and their Neural Quantum Processor 8K, allowing the displays to give the most accurate colours and image quality. Samsung’s new Smart Hub also boasts a new and improved user interface with quick content discovery and a series of smart capabilities.

Samsung Gaming Hub

Furthermore, in order to make gaming more efficient and accessible for a fast-paced and seamless experience, the Neo QLED 8K features HDMI 2.1 support ports, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K 144hz gaming, Super Ultrawide Gameview, and Game Bar. Samsung also provides the greatest gaming experiences for all users with the new Gaming Hub, a gaming streaming discovery platform that helps connects both hardware and software, in order to provide a smooth player experience.

Samsung’s TV comes with EyeComfort mode and Smart Calibration to allow a more pleasant and precise viewing experience to meet users’ experiences and their everyday needs. Moreover, Samsung’s latest soundbars, such as the new Ultra Slim Soundbar and the S Series, as well as the Sound Tower lineup, provide users with immersive Dolby Atmos sound experiences. For a greener future, The Neo QLED 8K comes with an all-new SolarCell Remote which draws power from both light and radio frequencies in order to minimize the impact of waste for a greener future.

Pokdepinion: Love the fact that Samsung has moved forward with their new innovations for gaming and I cannot wait to experience the TV firsthand. Also, props to Samsung for keeping up with green initiatives by making sustainable remotes. GO GREEN!

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