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Samsung Introduces Latest OLED & QLED TV Lineup To Malaysian Markets

Samsung Introduces Latest OLED & QLED TV Lineup To Malaysian Markets

by Low Boon ShenMay 16, 2024
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Samsung Introduces Latest OLED & QLED TV Lineup To Malaysian Markets

Samsung Introduces Latest OLED & QLED TV Lineup To Malaysian Markets 27

After the global reveal, Samsung Malaysia is bringing the 2024 Neo QLED 8K/4K and OLED TVs to the market – with more mentions of AI, because we’re in the year 2024 after all. A total of 34 SKUs have been introduced (plus 5 additional audio product SKUs), including the updated version of The Frame, as well as mainstream Crystal UHD models.

First is the flagship Neo QLED 8K consisting of the QN900D and QN800D series. Available in 75-inch and 85-inch variants, they feature the new NQ8 AI Gen3 and NQ8 AI Gen2 processor respectively for upscaling and quality enhancement duties. There’s a lot of AI jargon thrown around here, as follows: 8K AI Upscaling, AI Motion Enhancer Pro, AI Customization Mode, AI Auto Game Mode, and AI Energy Mode – most of which are fairly self-explanatory.

Samsung Introduces Latest OLED & QLED TV Lineup To Malaysian Markets 28

Moving down the product stack, the Neo QLED 4K (QN85D, QN87D, QN90D) and Glare-Free OLED (S90D, S95D) lineup both feature the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor, though the feature sets are somewhat different based on the panel type you choose. For Neo QLED 4K models, you get Real Depth Enhancer Pro and Quantum Matrix Technology; meanwhile, OLED models feature the Real Depth Enhancer (sans Pro), OLED HDR Pro, and Motion Xcelerator 144Hz. QLED models have four sizing options to choose from (65 to 98 inches), while the OLED lineup gives you a choice of 65 or 77 inches.

The Frame is also getting the 2024 update, though the changes are minimal – the panels now support variable refresh rate (VRR) to save on power consumption but are otherwise the same as the 2023 model with over 2,500 artworks available to display. Speaking of which, there’s now a frame-shaped Music Frame, which is basically The Frame in audio form. It’s a lot smaller than The Frame, but it packs 2-channel stereo speakers with support for proprietary Q-Symphony tech that pairs with other Samsung speakers for fuller audio.

Below is the full lineup of newly released TVs with listed prices:

Segment  Material Code RRP (RM)
1 Neo QLED 8K QA85QN900DKXXM 46,999
2 Neo QLED 8K QA75QN900DKXXM 30,999
3 Neo QLED 8K QA85QN800DKXXM 32,999
4 Neo QLED 8K QA75QN800DKXXM 24,999
5 OLED QA77S95DAKXXM 32,999
6 OLED QA65S95DAKXXM 17,999
7 OLED QA77S90DAEXXM 28,999
8 OLED QA65S90DAKXXM 15,999
9 Neo QLED 4K QA98QN90DAKXXM 69,999
10 Neo QLED 4K QA85QN90DAKXXM 24,999
11 Neo QLED 4K QA75QN90DAKXXM 15,999
12 Neo QLED 4K QA65QN90DAKXXM 12,299
13 Neo QLED 4K QA85QN87DAKXXM 20,999
14 Neo QLED 4K QA75QN87DAKXXM 13,999
15 Neo QLED 4K QA65QN87DAKXXM 9,899
16 Neo QLED 4K QA85QN85DBKXXM 18,599
17 Neo QLED 4K QA75QN85DBKXXM 11,999
18 Neo QLED 4K QA65QN85DBKXXM 8,299
19 QLED QA98Q80CAKXXM 33,999
20 QLED QA85Q80DAKXXM 15,999
21 QLED QA75Q80DAKXXM 11,499
22 QLED QA85Q70DAKXXM 14,199
23 QLED QA75Q70DAKXXM 10,199
24 QLED QA85Q65DAKXXM 10,999
25 QLED QA75Q65DAKXXM 6,999
26 QLED QA85Q60DAKXXM 10,999
27 QLED QA75Q60DAKXXM 6,799
28 The Frame QA85LS03DAKXXM 19,799
29 The Frame QA75LS03DAKXXM 12,399
30 The Frame QA65LS03DAKXXM 8,399
31 The Frame QA55LS03DAKXXM 6,199
32 Crystal UHD UA98DU9000KXXM 17,999
33 Crystal UHD UA85DU8000KXXM 8,999
34 Crystal UHD UA85DU7000KXXM 8,299
Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q990D/XM 6,499
2 Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q930D/XM 4,999
3 Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q800D/XM 3,999
4 Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q700D/XM 2,999
5 Music Frame HW-LS60D/XM 1,999

Pokdepinion: Quite a huge lineup for this launch. 

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