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Apex Legends hacked by hackers angry about Titanfall hackers

Apex Legends hacked by hackers angry about Titanfall hackers

by Vyncent ChanJuly 5, 2021
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If you were facing issues in Apex Legends, well, you aren’t alone. Apparently hackers took down Apex Legends because they were disgruntled about the rampant hacking in Titanfall 1. All platforms were affected, with an “important message” popping up saying “Visit and repost” when players finished a game.

The website was created to draw attention to Titanfall which is a multiplayer-only game that is unfortunately plagued by hackers. It has gotten so bad that gamers are generally unable to play except for a few weeks every once in a while. Respawn has reportedly turned a blind eye to the community even as the game continues to be sold on various platforms.

One thing worth noting is that the website currently mentions that it and the Discord servers listed aren’t related to the hacks. This might have been the result of people blaming the leading Titanfall Discord server, TF Remnant Fleet, for the hacks. Even the hacked message was changed to indicate that they aren’t directly affiliated to the website, so it might be an independent group who was really pissed with the Titanfall situation.


It will be interesting to see if EA and Respawn have a plan to address hackers. As far as I know, Apex Legends are also plagued by hackers as it is, without the disgruntled players from Titanfall. I wonder if Apex Legends players will then launch an attack on the already broken Titanfall? Or is it not worth their time?

Respawn has announced that they have released a server update to solve the issues in Apex Legends, and matchmaking was restored about two hours ago. I wonder if they managed to weed out all the aimbots and wallhackers running around in the game though.

Pokdepinion: “I can’t have fun, so you can’t too!”

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