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Hackers Breached EA And Are Selling Their Source Code

Hackers Breached EA And Are Selling Their Source Code

by Raja IdrisJune 11, 2021
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It appears that EA has been hit by hackers, where the latter managed to obtain the source code to several of the company’s tools.

Hackers are selling EA’s source code

Battlefield 2042 gadget

It is reported that the source code for FIFA 21, Frostbite Engine, as well as other game development tools has been stolen. Adding to that, they (the hackers) appears to be interested in selling the data on a hacking forum but they’ll only accept offers from renown hackers in the community.

EA source code

As you probably know, getting access to source codes enable hackers to create cheats or even cracks. It would also reveal some of the hidden things that the company’s have hidden. Aside from EA’s code and tools, the hackers has also revealed that they have Xbox and Sony’s SDKs and PI keys up for sale.

According to the screenshot, the hackers have stolen 780GB worth of data from the parties mentioned earlier. A spokesperson from EA confirmed recently of the incident, admitting that they have stolen “a limited amount of game source code and related tools”. He then adds that the issue will not impact on their games or business. They are working with authorities to solve the issue.

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Pokdepinion: By what’s been reported, doesn’t look like EA is too concerned… I wonder how much the source code is worth and how much they will sell it for.

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