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Nintendo Switch Pro Accidentally Revealed From Latest Switch Update?

Nintendo Switch Pro Accidentally Revealed From Latest Switch Update?

by Raja IdrisApril 8, 2021
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The Nintendo Switch Pro has been the talk of the town  for quite some time now but there’s been no concrete evidence behind it. Well the latest Nintendo Switch update may have shed some light towards the device.

Nintendo Switch Pro revealed by update?

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The 12.0.0 update recently came out for both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite where the update is actually more than meets the eye. Dataminers have gathered references to what is supposedly to be the Nintendo Switch Pro.

The tweet reveals that the new update has some changes that the patch note didn’t mention of. According to the tweet, the files make mention of “Aula”, possibly a codename for the Switch pro.

Adding to that, it is reported that the console is capable of 4K resolution, which has been rumoured to be featuring for the new console. While this may seem exciting to players all around, do take the news with a grain of salt as Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything just yet.

We will update accordingly should there be new details regarding the matter. Till then, stay tuned to Pokde.net for the latest tech and gaming news plus reviews.


Pokdepinion: At the end of the day, it could mean something and it could mean nothing (the tweet). I for one am not really bothered by a handheld console that can go 4K. Sure it would be nicer to the eyes, but I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference if I’m gaming outdoors. It would be a different case if it’s used to play at home at a larger screen though..

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