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Tomorrow is the last day you can get TNG RFID installed for free

Tomorrow is the last day you can get TNG RFID installed for free

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 10, 2020
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As you guys may be aware, Touch ‘n Go will be ending the pilot phase of TNG RFID and will start charging RM35 per installation starting 15th February. This is after a reportedly after seeing much success in the pilot program that lasted for a good 18 months. While installation was free through out the pilot phase, it’s coming to an end. Today and tomorrow are the last days you can get it for free.

Touch ‘n Go made an announcement that they will be closing all fitment centers starting 12th February until 14th February. So if you don’t get your RFID installed before tomorrow, you will have to pay RM35 per vehicle.

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The implementation of RFID toll payment on all highways is expected to start 1st April 2020, which should reduce the need of stopping your vehicle and tapping your TNG cards on the scanner. Touch ‘n Go is also planning to add more partners that will support the RFID platform including drive-throughs, parking and also gated communities.

Pokdepinion: Looking at the queues, it’s a wonder why didn’t more Malaysians get it done during the earlier pilot phase when it was free.

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