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Apex Legends Launching New 3v3 Arenas Mode As A Permanent Addition

Apex Legends Launching New 3v3 Arenas Mode As A Permanent Addition

by Aiman MaulanaApril 28, 2021
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Apex Legends Launching New 3v3 Arenas Mode As A Permanent Addition

Apex Legends is and has always been a battle royale game. While we’ve seen some variations over the years, it still sticks to its core battle royale nature. Soon, we will get to enjoy something very different as Respawn Entertainment is adding a 3v3 Arenas mode as a permanent game mode.

Apex Legends Launching New 3v3 Arenas Mode

In a rather surprising twist, Respawn Entertainment is adding a new 3v3 Arenas mode, the first time Apex Legends is stepping out of their usual battle royale format. How it works is that it will take all of the Legends, weapons, and shooting mechanics from the main game and fit it into a 3v3 round-based tactical shooter.

There will be five specially-designed maps for the game mode, with recrafted maps from existing areas and more expected to be added later on, and all you have to do to win is to take out all members of the opposing team.

When the game starts out, you will select a Legend and enter a buy phase, similar to Valorant and CS:GO. You can use credits to purchase weapons, upgrades, healing items, and Legend abilities. After each round, your inventory will be wiped out to ensure no team has a distinct advantage from saving up. Instead of a time limit, there will be a circle that slowly closes and it works similarly to the main battle royale.

Respawn Entertainment said that they are committed to support Arenas as its own separate mode, and they plan on adding a ranked queue for it in the future. They will also balance the Legends and weapons accordingly for the mode as well.

For now, Apex Legends Arenas will be coming as part of the upcoming Legacy update, which is set to launch on 4th May 2021 on all available platforms.


Pokdepinion: Given that I’ve spent more time in Valorant as of late, I’m quite keen on trying this new mode but I really wished it was 5v5 instead. That way, I can play with more friends but perhaps it’s something that can be added on in the future.

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