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Diablo 4 Cross-Platform Disparity: PC Mounts Move Faster, Raising Concerns

Diablo 4 Cross-Platform Disparity: PC Mounts Move Faster, Raising Concerns

by Aiman MaulanaJune 26, 2023
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Cross-platform play has become a highly sought-after feature in modern online games, facilitating seamless multiplayer experiences and enhancing convenience for players. However, achieving true cross-platform parity can present challenges. A recent discovery in Diablo 4 has revealed that mounts in the game’s PC version can move faster than their console counterparts, leading to discussions and concerns within the community.

Diablo 4 Cross-Platform: Mount Works Faster on PC

Diablo 4 Cross-Platform Disparity: PC Mounts Move Faster, Raising Concerns

Initially, console players noticed that mounts in Diablo 4’s PC version appeared to be moving at a higher speed. Some players suspected it was a glitch or an issue on their end. While it is true that optimizing speed through well-timed boosts is possible, PC players have an additional advantage that console players lack.

On PC, utilizing mouse and keyboard controls, the distance between the mouse and the character affects the movement speed. By pushing the mouse to the edge of the screen, PC players can achieve speeds beyond what console players can attain. Console players, on the other hand, rely on their controller’s joystick for movement, which provides a set speed that can only be increased through boosting.

Since i got downvoted so much, heres proof that pc players are faster
by u/Competitive-Trade-16 in diablo4

A Reddit video shared by user u/Competitive-Trade-16 demonstrated a PC player easily overtaking a console player while both were mounted. Numerous comments echoed similar experiences, with PC players explaining how mount speed works on their platform. Some players also highlighted the broader impact of input devices on gameplay.

For instance, the Sorcerer class’s Teleport ability operates differently on console and PC versions of Diablo 4. On consoles, the teleport distance is automatically determined based on enemy proximity. Even in the absence of enemies, the teleport will only move the player a limited distance forward. In contrast, PC players can move their cursor to the screen’s edge and teleport much farther.

Achieving complete cross-platform parity between PC and console is a complex task due to the stark differences in input devices. While some disparities are expected, the issue of PC players moving faster on mounts seems to be an avoidable discrepancy. Console players are voicing their desire for a patch to address this concern. However, as suggested by a few disgruntled PC players, remedying the situation may involve slowing down mount speeds.


Pokdepinion: While cross-platform parity can be challenging, ensuring fair gameplay experiences across different input devices is crucial. Console players are advocating for a resolution to address the faster mount speeds on PC. As the development team evaluates potential solutions, it is hoped that a balance can be struck, allowing all players to enjoy Diablo 4’s immersive world and thrilling adventures, regardless of their chosen platform.

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