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Genshin Impact 3.6 Will See The Addition of Two Major Dendro Characters

Genshin Impact 3.6 Will See The Addition of Two Major Dendro Characters

by Aiman MaulanaFebruary 27, 2023
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While many are looking forward to update 3.5 coming soon, we already have details on Genshin Impact 3.6, which includes two major Dendro characters.

Genshin Impact 3.6: Baizhu and Kaveh Coming Your Way

Genshin Impact 3.6 Will See The Addition of Two Major Dendro Characters

Fans of Genshin Impact can look forward to two new Dendro characters coming with the version 3.6 update, according to a tweet from the official Genshin Impact Twitter account. Baizhu and Kaveh will be introduced to the world of Teyvat on April 12, though no details on their abilities have been revealed as of yet.

Baizhu is a five-star Dendro character who is known for his healing abilities. He runs Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue and takes care of the zombie girl Qiqi. His official character descriptions suggest that he may have a healing ability that can only be used for one companion, as he cannot save all of his patients. Players can expect him to wield a Catalyst as his weapon and to be able to unleash both shield and support abilities.

Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Weapon and Element for Kaveh

Kaveh is a renowned architect in Sumeru and a five-star Dendro character. He is idolized as a role model by the students of Kshahrewar and has made a name for himself with his professional designing skills. He is expected to serve as a support character who wields Dendro’s vision alongside Claymore as a primary weapon. Kaveh’s own capacity for Dendro damage will reportedly be limited, but he will work in sync with other team members.

The developer team behind Genshin Impact typically reveals information about the brand-new and rerun banners that will be available with the next major update closer to release. However, with version 3.5 set to release on March 1, they provided an early look at Baizhu and Kaveh.

Version 3.5 will include rerun banners for Shenhe and Ayaka, as well as introducing Dehya and Mika to the game. The update will also include new enemies, events, weapons, and TCG improvements, as well as an Archon Quest. Players can look forward to experiencing all these new additions when the update is released on March 1.


Pokdepinion: I feel like I’ve been writing about Baizhu for god knows how many major updates by now. Time to see if he will be worth the wait (and Primogems).

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