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A Brief Clip Reveals GTA 6’s Map In Action

A Brief Clip Reveals GTA 6’s Map In Action

by Low Boon ShenDecember 4, 2023
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A Brief Clip Reveals GTA 6’s Map In Action

A Brief Clip Reveals GTA 6's Map In Action

We’re just one day away from Rockstar Games finally revealing GTA 6, at last – but before that, it looks like a new leak has slightly spoiled Rockstar’s party, revealing parts of the Vice City cityscape in an 8-second clip. (Another version also reveals the cropped parts of the aforementioned clip.)

The original clip allegedly originated from a friend of the son of Aaron Garbut, Rockstar’s head of development and co-studio head of Rockstar North (responsible for the GTA franchise), and was later shared by TikTok account @azzarossi. The account has since disappeared completely from the platform; however, this is the Internet, after all – and others have picked up the clip and shared it on X (Twitter).

In this camera-recorded clip, one can see the skyscrapers and greenery scattered across the city, with a massive highway situated on the other side of the view. One can safely assume these do not belong to any parts of GTA 5’s San Andreas map, while the skyscrapers dominating the view are also denser than what GTA 5 had to offer. Apart from this map leak, there’s other information too. These include:

  • Map is 2x the size of GTA 5’s Los Santos
  • 3 major cities, 4 sub-cities with a large lake in the middle of the map
  • 70% of all building interiors are accessible by players
  • The game is slated for Fall 2024 launch
  • Pre-orders to go live following the Trailer 1 release

As for why the leak happened, apparently the leaker described it as “nothing substantial that wouldn’t cause harm to the developer”, and the leak would be “useless” after the trailer. Let’s hope whoever that was won’t get fired as a result – but in any case, we’re about to see GTA 6 in its entirety very soon. Hold tight!

Source: Wccftech

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