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Toby Fox Gives Lengthy Update on Deltarune Development And It’s Great

Toby Fox Gives Lengthy Update on Deltarune Development And It’s Great

by Aiman MaulanaSeptember 18, 2020
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Toby Fox Gives Lengthy Update on Deltarune Development And It's Great

It’s the 5th anniversary of Undertale and creator Toby Fox has posted a lengthy update on the next game in the series, Deltarune. The post itself is very lengthy but if you don’t want to read the entire thing, we’re going to highlight the key points of the update.

Toby Fox Gives Lengthy Update on Deltarune Development

Toby Fox Gives Lengthy Update on Deltarune Development And It's Great 25

According to Toby Fox himself via a blog post on the official Undertale website, Deltarune has become a much more complex and difficult game to develop compared to Undertale. As most of the development work is done solely by him, it has proven to be quite a challenge.

With that being said however, he mentioned that he reached a “significant milestone” for the game’s design. Now, Toby Fox has a clear vision of the flow, major battles, and events of the game. The first chapter of Deltarune was developed using the GameMaker engine, and he was looking for a replacement. In May 2020 however, he has decided to continue using the same engine as it’s the best fit for the game.

As far as Chapter 2 is concerned, Toby Fox believes he and his team can complete it by the end of this year, with exception of translation, porting, and bug testing. Yes, Toby Fox has a small team working on the game, confirming 3 other members who are on board. He then talked about issues with his wrists and hands slowing down his work, and he’s tried a bunch of solutions to aid him. He hopes that once the pandemic situation improves, he can go for surgery to fix it.

Toby Fox also mentioned that he may possibly be looking for new team members to join him in developing Deltarune, specifically for Chapter 3 and beyond. However, he also can’t guarantee that he will hire anyone else anyway as he believes adding more people wouldn’t necessarily speed up the development process. He then added on by saying that if people are interested, they should still email him about it anyway.

If you’re interested to join the Deltarune development team, and would like to see the requirements for the available roles, click right here. For now, there is no specific release date announced yet for the newer parts of the game. We will be reporting about it as soon as information becomes available.


Pokdepinion: I loved Chapter 1 so much, I can’t wait for it. At the same time, I understand why it will take very long for the game to develop. I’m not sure I’d prefer an episodic format either given the massive cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 1 so I’ll just wait patiently here.

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