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Valorant Night Market Confirmed for April 2023 Along, Bind Rework

Valorant Night Market Confirmed for April 2023 Along, Bind Rework

by Aiman MaulanaApril 3, 2023
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The Night Market is returning to Valorant on April 5th for almost three weeks, offering players significant discounts on six weapon skins. Additionally, Patch 6.08 will bring a reworked version of the map Bind, with significant changes to both bomb sites and the attacker-base portal location.

Valorant’s Night Market Returns

Valorant fans have something to look forward to next month as Riot Games announced the return of the Night Market on April 5th. The in-game store will be available for almost three weeks, and will end when Episode 6 Act 3 launches on April 25th with Patch 6.08.

For those unfamiliar with the Night Market, it is a special store where players receive discounts for six weapon skins, with the rarity tiers of the offers based on their luck. The deals are tempting enough to convince players to get their favorite skins.

Along with the announcement of the Night Market’s return, Riot Games revealed one of the major changes coming to the game with Act 3: a reworked version of the Bind map. The map was removed from the competitive pool at the start of Episode 6, but Riot is bringing it back with significant changes to both A and B bomb sites, as well as the attacker-base portal location.

Valorant Night Market Confirmed for April 2023 Along, Bind Rework

The Bind rework aims to remove camping spots, particularly around the A bomb site. The new version of Bind is a significant change, unlike the minor tweaks made to Split’s rework. Whether it will end up making the map more enjoyable to play or not is yet to be seen, but it should make it easier for newer players to hop in as everyone will be learning it together.

More details about Act 3 will be revealed in the full patch notes for Patch 6.08. When the new Act starts, all competitive progress will be reset, giving players less than a month to achieve their competitive goals and climb the ranks for a better Gun Buddy. If you ever needed more reasons to play and you’re not done yet, this is probably the best one yet.

The new Act will also introduce a new Battle Pass and a new bundle. Currently, the Altitude bundle is the featured skin pack in Valorant’s in-game store, available until the end of the current Act on April 25.


Pokdepinion: Get your credit cards ready, you might be spending quite a bit once the update arrives. Of course, there is always a chance you might feel really salty as you have bad choices while others have much better skins available to them. Try your luck.

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