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ASUS ZenFone 6 set to offer dual-slider design

ASUS ZenFone 6 set to offer dual-slider design

by Vyncent ChanMay 11, 2019
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The ASUS ZenFone 6 has already been teased to be the flagship for power users, with a slew of features including a 5000 mAh battery. It seems that it will also be one for those who are not averse to a little novelty, with a dual-slider design, reminiscent of the Nokia N95/N96 era.

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Dummies of the ASUS ZenFone 6 has been spotted with a dual-slider design, with the selfie camera and earpiece above the screen, as expected. Sliding the screen upwards will reveal a speaker grille of sorts, which might be a queer decision as it might lead to muffled sound if you do not slide the screen up. On the other hand, we have seen a speaker in a USB-C port, so I guess this isn’t too surprising.

ASUS ZenFone 6 set to offer dual-slider design 30

The device is also teased to sport a dual rear camera, which is quite interesting considering how most smartphones in the market have transitioned to triple or even quad camera setups on the back of the phone. In any case, two good cameras is better than four sub-par cameras, so we will leave our judgement until we actually test the ASUS ZenFone 6.

ASUS ZenFone 6 Specifications (rumored)

  • Snapdragon 855, octa-core up to 2.84 GHz, 7nm FinFET
  • Up to 12GB RAM
  • Up to 12GB storage (expandable via microSD)
  • 48MP + 13MP ultra-wide angle
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • 6GB + 128GB: NT$19 990 (~RM2680)
    8GB + 256GB: NT$23 990 (~RM3217)
    12GB + 512GB: NT$ 29 990 (~RM4022)

We are literally days away from the ASUS ZenFone 6’s official launch in Spain on 16th May, so stay tuned for more updates about ASUS’ upcoming flagship device!

Pokdepinion: Sliders are cool! One way is good enough, but two ways is going to be mind-blowing!

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