Bing adds Visual Search to its repertoire — Google Lens, but from Microsoft?

Artificial intelligence is being applied to more and more interesting applications. One of the most accessible implementations include intelligent image search, allowing you to find out more about what your camera sees. Microsoft has just recently added it to their Bing app for iOS and Android, as well as to the Microsoft Launcher and Microsoft Edge browser for Android. It will be added to the iOS version of Microsoft Edge later too.

All you have to do is tap on the camera button in the apps to get started. Images which you have already taken can also be uploaded for Bing to identify, or just point your smartphone at the object of interest and let Bing take the shot. In addition to image recognition, you can even shop for visually similar products simply by snapping a picture of it. No longer do you need to ask the owner where he or she got it, just snap it.

Microsoft says that this is just the beginning, and they will be adding more features to it later on. We look forward to more!

Source: Bing Blogs

Pokdepinion: With Google Lens integrated into just about every Android smartphone out there, I really don’t see how Microsoft will succeed here, unless their AI algorithm bests Google’s by a huge margin…

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