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Corsair announces SF Series PSUs for SFX enthusiasts

Corsair announces SF Series PSUs for SFX enthusiasts

by Vyncent ChanApril 5, 2016
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Fans of small form-factor PCs or SFX builds are often very limited in their choice of PSUs. First issue is that there are few PSUs that conform to that small standard to begin with, and also cable management issue in that very limited space. Corsair is expected to be ready to offer a new choice for those who like their rigs small and sweet with their SF series PSUs, the SF450 and SF600.


What’s amazing about these two SFX PSUs is that besides conforming to the standard, they are both 80 Plus Gold certified, which means that they have excellent efficiency at every load level. 100% All Japanese 105°C capacitors are used in these PSUs for enhanced reliability and solid power delivery. At low loads, the fan will shut down for zero noise emission, a great feature for those who intend to use a SFX build as a HTPC.


Remember what we said about difficult cable management in SFX builds? Well the Corsair SF series PSUs are fully modular to make it easier to keep your cables neat in the limited space of the tiny cases. The SF comes with 4 SATA power connectors so you should be able to maximize the storage in your little SFX case.

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The Corsair SF series PSUs are expected to be available by May 2016 in all major retail stores nationwide.


Pokdepinion: While I prefer compact PCs, SFX isn’t something I am really interested in as a gamer. However for those who are, this makes for a very valid addition to their shortlist when picking a power supply.

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