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Get Transistor Now For Free on PC Before It’s Too Late

Get Transistor Now For Free on PC Before It’s Too Late

by Aiman MaulanaApril 22, 2019
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Get Transistor Now For Free on PC Before It’s Too Late

If you’re looking for a great game to play but not looking to splurge or mess with your budget, then this is something for you. The popular indie action RPG Transistor is currently free for the next two weeks or so, but only if you’re gaming on PC.

In a bid to draw interest to their new platform, Epic Games is offering free games from time to time on Epic Games Store and this time, it’s Transistor by Supergiant Games. If you haven’t played the game before, check out the synopsis right below here:

From the creators of Hades and Bastion, Transistor is a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites you to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as you fight through a stunning futuristic city.

Transistor seamlessly integrates thoughtful strategic planning into a fast-paced action experience, melding responsive gameplay and rich atmospheric storytelling. During the course of the adventure, you will piece together the Transistor’s mysteries as you pursue its former owners.

Created by Supergiant Games.

You can claim the game by heading to Epic Games Store. For an easier time, you can click right here as a shortcut to claim the game on your browser. The game will be available for free until 2nd May 2019, which is when it will be replaced by a new free game offering. Once you’ve claimed it, the game is yours forever.

Pokdepinion: It’s a smart strategy, especially with Transistor being a very well-received game. Hope to see more interesting free games pop up in the future.

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